Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A day of my life

by K. Mátyás, 5th grade 


I get up at about 6:30 and always 10 minutes later I actually get out of my bed. I go to the toilet. I have breakfast. Usually I have coffee with milk and some cookies. I go to brush my teeth and before I brush my teeth I need to poop. I get dressed and I’m ready to go to school. We start with craft then history. After history during the break we go for some food. Then it’s P.E.. After that we’ve got literature. Then grammar. Then we go to write cool blogs or go to lunch and after lunch we go to ICT. Then I wait two hours and go home. At home I play Q&A with my mum about my day. Sometimes I eat something and I go to play. Usually I play with my friends who are my classmates too. Usually we play R6S or PvZ GW2. Then I eat my dinner while I watch YouTube. After I brush my teeth and I pee. Then I go to bed. And I sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and… What the hell? It’s 6:30! Ten more minutes!...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Three Days with Evil Robots {Creative Writing - Stories}

by K. Mátyás, 5th grade

My mission is to defend the Feri’s Pizzeria. I’m the General of the GSG9. This is The Germen Super Commando Unit. My equipment: a 416 Carabine with Reflex (slight), a Glock-18 (big capacity with high fire rate and with 9mm ammo) a knife (for meele) and 3 ADS-es for a night . This is a high fire rated assault rifle with 5.56mm ammo, with an extended quick draw mag (mag), vertical forgrip (grip) and compensator (to the barell).

First night:
I secured the Security room with baricades and here is an ADS too. I baricaded every door. I’ve got two more ADS, so I use them in the corridor. And I’m ready to defend myself! A Feri bear robot has found me. The ADS (active defend system) is working. They are close to me. I killed the Zsuzsi duck with a headshot, but there are two more robots remaining. I’m behind my deployable shield, so they can’t see me, but the ADS can see them. BOOOMM!!! (the ADS working). They are at the right corridor! RAATTAATAATATATATA!!!!! And no more robots remaining!

Second night:
So I’v got 2 baricades and 3 ADS-es to protect myself. There are two corridors so 1 ADS to 1 corridor. And I need an ADS near me. The bots are coming. BOOOOOOOOMM!!! (ADS). Two more bots! Zsuzsi Duck is coming for me. HEADSHOT! One more! Feri Bear is the last one, and I have a Frag grenade. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!! Victory! Easy!

Third night:
These bots are creepy! Sometimes they are invisible! These are the shadow bots. I need to use my Black eyes. These are special cameras and they can turn  360 degrees. My plan is to spot them and throw  C4 and explode them. So they are at their main position, at the dining room. I need to get there and arm the C4. [Ten miniuts later…] So it’s armed and ready to explode. Every bot is there, so this is a really  lucky! The detonator is in my hand. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY!!!

Ten hours later…

To be continued…

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bendy and the Ink Machine {Creative Writing - Stories}

by Máté L, 5th grade

It’s been 30 years?! – And I went to the workshop-

-Ok this place look so much older, and why is there ink everywhere?

I heard something. It was an old broken ink machine

-I need to find some things, so that I can repair this machine- I throght- But where can I find them?

Then I tried to find Joey, but I only found tools. Then I realised I could repair the ink machine! I started to search. I found some old pictures and videos that me and Joey created. Good memories. Then I found everything: A gear, a wrench and a disc. I went back and I saw a room with an ink monster inside. It looked like a character from one of our cartoons. It looked like… Boris! But I didn’t wanted to go in. I needed to fix the machine. I saw a board that moved. I was really scared! I tried to fix the machine, but I did something wrong. It started to flood! I tried to run. I saw two corridors. I started to run to the right side but the roof collapsed and another ink monster attacked me! It looked like ... Bendy! But he was full of ink and I didn’t see his face but I think it was Bendy. Then while I’m running the floor collapsed under me and I fell with it too. When I got up my head hurt and I was in a dark room.

-It wasn’t a nightmare!

-To be continue.

Holiday: Easter {Informational Writing}

by Eva, 5th grade

Easter is a famous holiday. It’s celebrated between the end of March and the beginning of April. This  year it was on April Fools day too. This holiday is celebrated in many countries, cities and villages. It is a Christian holiday.

When Jesus 26-36 years old he was crucified. After the people put Jesus’s body in a tomb. After 3 days Jesus resurrected. The people went to see Jesus but Jesus wasn’t in the tomb. Then an angel came to tell the people Jesus is resurrected. But someone thought they’re lying because they saw how Jesus died. But then Jesus came to them and then they believed in Jesus.

At this holiday people in the UK and other countries bake hot cross buns. It’s a little cake with a cross in the middle. Hot cross buns have a song and in this song the kids sing about how much money they have to buy hot cross buns with, but the kids in the song are baking hot cross buns together. In real life in Hungary at Easter boys go to girls’ houses to water the girls with perfume. The girls give Easter eggs or chocolate to the boys, but sometimes the boys get money. Before Easter people make or buy decorations. Then people drink grape juice and eat wafers or bread, boiled eggs and horse-radish.