Wednesday, November 6, 2019


by Laci, 6th grade

My cat: OZZY

I have a cat named Ozzy. She is a 2 years old tri-color cat. We have had her approximately 2 years.

The first year

Ozzy is from my mother’s workplace. There was an alley cat. It’s nickname was Cindy because it had a black spot above her mouth like Cindy Crawford. She had a lot of kittens and one of them is Ozzy.And one day we brought her to our home! I was very happy. When my dad arrived from work and he opened the door Ozzy got scared and hid behind the table. For 3-4 days we didn’t see her, but we went as close as we could and we fed her from our hand. After a week she first washed next to my table! I approached her carefully and pet her. Then she became house-trained. Then about  three quarters of a year later we moved. We brought her to my grandfather, but she did’t like being there. One day after school we brought her to our new home.

The second year

Ozzy didn’t really like being with us because our garden wasn’t  too big and she didn’t have too much space. Then we brought her to my grandparents again! And now she loves being there. She has a little nook above the boiler. When my grandfather goes to put wood on the fire she always runs to her little nook. Now she is quite fat and has long whiskers.


by András Poczkodi, 6th grade

My dog’s name is Zeus. He is 1 year old. He is black. He is of average size. And my other dog’s name is Pici. He is 2 years old. He is yellow. Both of them fight to get to the animal. They always bark in the evening. They do not leave the goats alone. They never stop barking but never get upset.

Zeus looks similar to this.
(picture from web)

My other dog looks like this.
(picture from web)

The memories of 1st grade

by K.L. Mátyás, 7th grade

The 1st of September, 2013. Our hero Mátyás was excited to be in school. He didn’t know what  was waiting for him. Week one at school: Nothing was happening. We didn’t have our books to learn. It wasn’t that bad. We were in the prison of the football pitch. At that time it wasn’t made of plastic grass. It was so painful to fall to the ground then. We weren’t friends first, but through the years we realized that this is the only chance to survive. We played football with a ball made of plastic. We weren’t strong enough to kick a real football. This prison trained us to know that you don’t want to kick that ball with your toes. Week two: The books and desks arrived. We started learning. We didn’t really learn anything. Our days  were full of learning the defaults of maths, grammar, literature, English and physical education. We did one or two exercises per lesson. It was boring and pointless, too. From then on until the end of the 2nd grade: We couldn’t do more than two exercises per lesson. We weren’t stupid, but we weren’t smart. We spent ten minutes or less at prison yard every day. It was horrible. When we were with our maths teacher we studied maths, maths during daycare and p.e and. We studied grammar and literature when we were with the Hungarian teacher. Every teacher was Hungarian, but she taught us Hungarian literature and grammar.         

Somewhere around the 20th of December in that exact point of the space time continuum, the 1st grade of 2013 and 2014 went on their first school winter holiday. Christmas arrived as soon as it could. It wasn’t long. It was short. And it’s getting shorter and shorter year by year. IT’S HORRIBLY TERRIBLE! But let’s get back to school. The teachers or prison officers say this after Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer holidays. They cannot miss this. The 6th of January in 2014: The Winter holiday ended. We said what we got from the little Jesus or poor people from the angel. It was good cause we didn’t learn. Then we realized after three years that we missed so many things about maths, grammar and some other things.

The 20th of March in 2014. The first school Easter started to come. Everyone was excited about it. What will the bunny bring for us? It was not cool! The teachers said this is good! but we all knew that they don’t really give a single piece of poo-poo. Sorry for those massively bad words, but I had to let it out! Then after a lot of pointless lessons we got to the Spring holiday. Nothing happened except Easter. We made it through every single maths and grammar lesson without going out to the prison yard for more than  fifteen minutes, and we finally got to the Summer holiday. We thought… We had to listen for like one and a half hours to a speech! It was one of the most boring experiences of my life. And side note: Our prison is getting better in time but the year ender show is always getting longer and longer! And of course the year ends in summer, because it cannot end when it starts of course, so it’s hot as magma multiplied by magma99 because the school has like 450 students in every year, plus the parents, plus teachers, plus special guests. It is as hot as that word that you are thinking about, but I won’t write it in the story cause it’s as bad as the same word. So yeah. I hated 1st grade and I still hate it, but I got trained through the years, and the good news is there’s only 20 months left… ×CRYING EMOJI×  and then the high level prison comes…×CRYING EMOJI×

A Summer Trip

by L. Dani, 7th grade

This summer I went to Nádasd, which is a village ’near’ Balaton. We went to visit one of my parents’ friends who lives there. I think we were there for 9 days. My parents’ friends bought a house and we slept there. It had a sauna, a jacuzzi tub, an Xbox 360 and no wifi. It also had beer in the basement. I think another reason why we went there was because the Völgy Festival, which is nearby, but I’m not sure, but a reason which I’m sure about is that my Dad was the pastor at the worship on Sunday. It was a 4 hour ride from Nyíregyháza, so it was pretty boring. We also brought our Switch with us. It’s Switch or Nintendo Switch, please don’t call it Nintendo, that’s the company. After that we went to Révfülöp. It is next to Balaton. We were there for a week. We watched the new Aladdin movie and Spiderman: Far From Home at an outdoor cinema there. The outdoor cinema also has a beach. We went to that beach twice and twice to the other one which had a restaurant. Next we went another town that I don’t remember the name of, for 3 days with my half-sister and my nephew and niece. I don’t remember much about that. Also there are probably a lot of things I forgot
The End