Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Nyíregyháza {Informative Writing}

by L. Dani, 7th grade

Nyíregyháza has been the capital of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg State since 1876. More than 117 thousand people live here. The Hungarian Lego Factory is here. It's on the Eastern side of the country. The average price of a 3 star hotel is 12,799 Forints.

 The Lutheran Church: It's Nyíregyháza's oldest building. There is a golden globe on top of the church. In 2001 when the church was repaired they had to take off the globe and while they refinished it they had to take it apart and they found papers from 1822, 1853 and 1883 about the history of Nyíregyháza, hunger, wildfires and things about religion.

Kossuth Square: In the middle of the Square there is a memorial for Kossuth Lajos which was built by Bethlen Gábor. Kossuth Lajos was an important person in the 1848 Revolution. The Town Hall is also here. In 1912 the Saving Post Office was built here by Hubert József. There is also a hotel called Korona Hotel/Korona Szálló. The Korzó (a small mall) is also there. Once there was a Lego shop there but it was closed and a book store opened at where it used to be. Also the Roman Catholic church is there behind a big fountain.

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