Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Funny Dog Story {Creative Writing - Stories}

by Eva, 5th grade

One day my dog changed his life, because he wants dreads. He saw this hair style on the internet. Everybody had this hair style at the dog school. When he was at the dog school, his friends wanted to take a selfie of their hair style .They took the picture and then put it onto the internet.They got a lot of likes and comments. The dogs were really happy. But one comment was not good. The person wrote,  "Why do you like this bad hair style!? I HATE IT!”

The dogs felt sad but they thought that this was just an angry person or something else. And these dogs still loved this hair. Everybody is different. The dogs thought about that and then they kept this hair style.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kid Fox {Creative Writing - Stories}

by Indira, 5th grade

This is one kid fox. A long time ago this  fox  lived with her family. They were a royal family. But one night a  fearful storm broke out. The kid fox disappeared.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

That Guava Warrior Cat {Creative Writing - Stories}

by Máté L, 5th grade

One day a cat started to eat a guava but he didn’t know what to do with it’s peel. Then he got an idea. Do you know what that was? Yes, he made a suit armor (or just a helmet. Who knows?) because every body wants guava armor. And the guava armored cats attacked the dogs starting a war that lasted for hundreds of years, and it was so epic and the cats won the war; but I couldn’t find any pictures so here’s a really old plane when it’s taking-off.

It didn’t have enough wings.

The Snowman {Creative Writing - Story}

By Eva & Panna, 5th grade

Based on the pictures in Raymond Briggs's "The Snowman." 

1:Ethan  woke up and looked out the window, and he started to dress up. He went for his mum.”Mum, can I go outside? Please!” And his mum said yes. And Ethan said "HURRAY!!!" He went to pick up his boots. He went outside. And he ran in to the snow.

2: Ethan started to make a snowman and the snowman got bigger and bigger...  His mum said  "Come and have some tea." He goes to finish his snowman. 

3: He went to his mum and said "Mum please give me a hat and a scarf because I want to decorate the snowman." And after he finished decorating his snowman reanimated. 

4: And then the day turned to night. His mum called t0 Ethan to come in the house.    
And he slept.

5: And  when he woke up, he jumped out from the bed. And he went to the garden to say "Hello" to the snowman. And the snowman said, "Hello" to Ethan.

6:He said, "Come in to my house!" "Thank you Ethan!" And then the snowmen came into the house. And Ethan showed around the snowman.

7: And Ethan showed everything  to the snowman. The snowman was amazed by the things in the house.

8: They went to his mum and dad’s bedroom, and Ethan showed to the snowman his parents.

9:And the snowman dressed up like Ethan’s dad.

10: And they went to the garden.

11: And  by the snowman’s magic they can fly into the air.

12: And the snowman showed the town to Ethan.

13:The snowman and Ethan flew down.

14: And they were at Ethan's garden after the town showing.

15: The snowman gives a hug to Ethan, and the snowman says "Goodbye."

16: After that Ethan came in his house and started to sleep.  

17: In the morning Ethan wakes up and he runs down the stairs.

18: And Ethan runs out from the house to see his snowman…

19:And when he goes out to the garden he sees the snowman’s  life is ended.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Snowman {Creative Writing - Story}

By Kovács L. Mátyás & Laborczi Máté

Based on the pictures in Raymond Briggs's "The Snowman." 

There was a boy. His name was Dicky. Dicky woke up and he noticed there was a lot of snow.  He dressed up. Dicky said to his mum, that it was snowing and Dicky wanted to play outside. Before his mum can say anything he ran to his boots went out. He picked up his hat, but when he ran out his hat flew down into the snow. But it didn't interest Dicky. He built his snowman.  He put a carrot or something for his nose.  And it was made. Dicky went into the house and he went to his bed. He slept and he woke up again. He  went out to the snowman and snowman lived. The snowman
went inside (of course). The snowman found a lamp and turned it on. The snowman found some toilet paper in the kitchen. The snowman saw Dicky’s parents. The snowman dressed up (of course). They ran out. The snowman jumped and started to fly. They flew over the town. They dropped to the ground. They said goodbye. Dicky slept. He ran to the garden faster then the Flash.