Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Mona Lisa {Short Story}

by: Evi, 6th grade

Mona Lisa was the most popular girl in her school. When the photographer came to her school to have a photo shoot of the students she wanted to look like the best. When she got home she started to shave her eyebrows and to draw them back on for the photo shoot, but after she shaved her eyebrows she realized that the eyebrows pencil had disappeared. She got really angry about this and she thought that if she cut her eyelashes then  they’d  grow faster, but she realized that’s not gonna work because she googled it. Then she was really sad and at the same time both angry and scared. On the day of the photo shoot she was really embarrassed by the way she looked, but a lot of people liked her new look, so she was really happy about that. The photo shoot man really liked Lisa’s style so he put this picture up on Facebook so Lisa become really popular. She was really happy about her mistake.

Dog Poker {Short Story}

by: K. Mátyás, 6th grade

Once upon a time a dog had a great idea. His  name was … Apple. His idea was a kind of card game. It was Dog Poker. It’s really cool, I think, so this need to be very cool. But to do this he knew that he needed to get beer, whisky, and alcohol … He went to the DOG Pub for the things he needed. But the boss of the pub was a very evil , big, fat and drunk bulldog. He knew he needed to go to the shop, but there he could find water, coke and the biggest enemy the Non-Alcoholic Cat Beer. He had a plan to get beer, whisky and any kind of alcohol. He needed to get in the pub illegally. He needed some help, because he knew he couldn’t do this alone. He called his friends. He called  Big Tummy and his cousin White Bandit, Brown-White and his brother White-Brown, Brush-Tail and the Wolf-son. And those dogs were the biggest heist crew that you ever seen. The plan had the two bulldog cousins shout at the security guards.  Then Brown-White and White-Brown rushed in to break everything they could, but if they broke the alcohol then they wouldn’t  get the drinks. And then Apple and Wolf-son got into the drink storage. When they finished, Apple and Wolf-son went out the back exit and all the dogs ran away from wherever they could. Near the pub they found a local professional wall-assister. He was drunk, not just little bit, and they knew that there’s something wrong with him, cause his blood-alcohol level was low for him so they helped him out with his problem. They gave him some brandy to survive. After the meeting they became friends and they invited him to play poker. They played the biggest poker game of the world… oh no-no-no! Of the universe! Now that’s better. So they played the game from Monday morning until Sunday night. And then, when they ran out of alcohol, they slept for three weeks, three days and three hours. They needed one more week to feel better and one more week to get another good idea. Do it again!

(Based on Dogs Playing Poker, by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge)

Cats!!! {Animal Facts}

by: Joci, 6th grade

This is a really old and famous breed. The long hair and flat eyes are recognizable.
It eats meat.
It lives inside of a house.
This is my favourite cat breed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Turtles {Animal Facts}

by: Irisz, 6th grade

Selective Focus Photography of Two Brown Turtles Crawling Near Calm Body of Water

Turtles belong to one of oldest reptile groups in the word.
Just like your bones, a turtle’s shell is actually part of its skeleton. Some turtles are carnivores, others are herbivores and some are omnivores.
They eat grasses or fruits, but in the sea they eat squid,jellyfish.
Turtles are amniotes which means they breathe air and lay their eggs on land.
With so many different types of turtles,there is no average size.

Animals {Animal Facts}

by: Rebeka, 6th grade

I chose cats,because They are my favourites.

Cats were gods in ancient Egypt. They are domesticated. Cats have a strong,flexible body,quick reflexes,sharp teeth and retractable claws adapted to killing small prey. Cats can hear sounds too faint or too high in frequency for human ears, such as those made by  mice or other small animals.They can see in near darkness. Like most other mammals,cats have poor color vision and a better sense of smell than humans. Cats, despite being solitary hunters, are social species,and cats communication includes the use of a variety of vocalizations (mewing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling and grunting) as well as cat pheromones and types of cat-specific body language.

Now my hands hurt, so that’s all.

Killer Whale {Animal Facts}

by: Panna, 6th grade

White and Black Killer Whale on Blue Pool

The killer whale  or orca has teeth .They don’t chew their food they just swallow. Orcas are mammals.They have skin, the skin is very wet, and it is black and white. They are 1200 lbs according to National Geographic kids. They are very clever animals and live in the Artic ocean. Orcas like to eat fish and animals in the water. They are very long: 23-32 feet. In  the Caribbean there are orca sows. This is a picture of a show.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dog Facts {Animal Facts}

by: Laky, 5th grade 

Info about dogs

I know, I know, dogs are mainstream. But, i like dogs, and then,  why not? :D

Okay, so let’s talk about dogs. *types rapidly*

They are mammals, specifically omnivores. Dogs are as smart as a 2 year old. Wow. But I can tell you something even better! Just see:

Hmmm. *browsing websites* Aha! See: A dog’s sense of smell is 1000 to 10 million times better than your tipsy-whipsy sense of smell!

Is that enough? No? Ok, I’ll tell you more, but first, see the NORMAL facts about dogs…

Dogs are omnivores, so they love to eat meat, chicken, beef and all other stuff. Dog food is alright, but not s good as meat.

Dogs live with humans most of the time.

Okay, who wants two more crazy facts? Everyone? Ok, here they are:
             --                     An 1 year old doggy is as physically mature as a teenager.
-         -        A dogs can smell human feelings. Hmm… Dogs would be great spies.

Ok, I think that’s enough. I, I… I don’t know why I like dogs, I just like them. Ok, it’s….. PICTURE TIME!

Sheep {Animal Facts}

by: K. Mátyás, 6th grade

The sheep is one of the oldest domesticated animals. Their wool, milk and meat are really useful. Sheep are herbivores and even-toad ungulates. They’re ruminant animals so they have four stomachs. They eat only grass and water. They are mammals so they feed their young with milk. The little sheep need their mums for about 50-60 days to get milk. Their weight is about 4-5kg. In 1-2 years they become arieses and ewes. The new sheep can born once their mum is about 3-4 years old.


If you want you can transform into a sheep. I will show you how!

What is a nudibranch? {Animal Facts}

What is a nudibranch?

by: L. Máté, 6th grade

It’s a really interesting looking animal and it lives under the water. It is the size of a teacup. It moves at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a type of a sea slug. It has no bones (Well, I think if you look at it the first thing you think isn’t that it has tons of bones). Over 3 thousand species of nudibranch exist. It’s about 3 pounds so it’s not really heavy. They have a set of curved teeth. They use them to eat coral, sponges and fish eggs off the bottom of the ocean. If they eat they change their color. They are able to kill a fish. I chose this animal because it was the first animal that National Geographic Kids dropped out. Go check that website out!

Hamsters {Animal Facts}

by: Evi, 6th grade 

Hamsters are rodents. Hamsters have fur and the color of their fur can be shades of brown and black. Hamsters have different types. e.g. Syrian, Cambel, Winter white, Robovoski and Chines. Most hamsters size is 3-4 inches depending on the hamster’s type. Hamsters live for 1 year at most. Hamsters weigh 0.9kg. Hamsters have to chew things because their teeth get longer all the time. Hamsters can get sick very easily. Japanese people really like to draw them because hamsters are really cute and adorable. A lot of anime depends on hamsters, such as Himouto Umaru-Chan. Hamsters are mammals. When hamsters give birth they often eat their babies. If there are two hamsters  then they can fight and they sometimes kill each other, unfortunately.