Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Guess what {Descriptive Writing}

by K. Mátyás, 6th grade

So, it’s 20x107 bigger than the earth. It’s light is very weak , so I can’t tell you what colour is it. Its mass is … HUGE! It’s both an orb and a puck. Its pattern is the same colour everywhere. Its temperature is  UNIMAGINABLE. It has a ring around it, a very big ring which is rotating. It’s made of everything that was nearby (the thing with the ring). You can’t smell it. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! DO NOT TRY! If you touch this… you are dead! Not a joke! DO NOT BLOODY TRY! If you try to put it in your mouth it will eat you! DO NOT TRY! It sounds like… IT IS UNIMAGINABLE! It’s in the middle of the Milky Way and you can’t use the Internet! What am I talking about?

Sagittarius A (black hole)

Something that I cannot name {Descriptive Writing}

by L. Máté, 6th grade

He is the most powerful character, not just in Scooby-Doo, but in the entire universe. He has two legs, light brown hair and godlike powers. He lives in a car. He is 6 feet tall. I don’t know how old he is but he was born at the end of July maybe sometime during infinite bc. He feels like everything. His voice actor is Billy West so he can say that he is the voice of the most powerful creature in the universe.

Did you guess?

Yea, it is Shaggy.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Describe a Thing {Descriptive Writing}

by Laky, 5th grade

It looks like a pair of sunglasses combined with a baseball cap, and it’s mainly black, with white or blue. It can make various sounds, but it’s usually loud. You can play games on it, but you don’t need a monitor or TV to use it, and it mainly uses your motion as the controller (but it can use controllers and keyboards, if you don’t have motion controller). It’s made of plastic and/or metal, glass and the computer system, of course. It’s amazing! It has a 360° display, and it has such a good display that if you play a game, it looks like you’re IN the game! I personally like it! Many companies build them, like: Oculus, Sony, HTC and more.

         Virtual Reality Glasses

Haiku(s) {Poetry}

by K. Mátyás, 6th grade

Two plus two is four
Minus one that’s three. Quick Maths!
Easy! Not for me!

Hop out the four door
With the four-four! Sure, it was
One, two, three and four!

Takes Man’s Twix by force
Send Man to the shop by force.
You know I hate it!

Do you remember?
I was trapping on the phone,
’Movi’n that cornflakes!’

You donut! Your nose,
is long like a garden house!
Heard that? You’re done now!

Did you know that thing?
A man can never feel hot!
Perspiration things!

Are you ready boY?
I do not need eyes to see,
watch; look… everything!

I’ve got some rules! First:
Do not use –I before verbs!
Clear? Finished! Second!...

Suddenly a sound:
He hates Twitch streamers…

Second rule, listen!
P.E. is enough! For me…
Do not need Grammar!

Russia is the best!
They’re riding BLOODY bears there.
Don’t need Grammar! Right?
Riding BLOODY bears?
Ha, Ali-A intro plays!
Ha-ha, enough fun!
Ha, you made me laugh!
Russians are BLOODY LEGENDS!
Grammar is still bad!

Thirteen plus one! Ha!
Russians are BLOODY crazy!
BOOM! I’m so stupid…

Just another one!
The time is fourteen:naught+naught!
That’s BLOODY pointless!