Wednesday, November 6, 2019


by Laci, 6th grade

My cat: OZZY

I have a cat named Ozzy. She is a 2 years old tri-color cat. We have had her approximately 2 years.

The first year

Ozzy is from my mother’s workplace. There was an alley cat. It’s nickname was Cindy because it had a black spot above her mouth like Cindy Crawford. She had a lot of kittens and one of them is Ozzy.And one day we brought her to our home! I was very happy. When my dad arrived from work and he opened the door Ozzy got scared and hid behind the table. For 3-4 days we didn’t see her, but we went as close as we could and we fed her from our hand. After a week she first washed next to my table! I approached her carefully and pet her. Then she became house-trained. Then about  three quarters of a year later we moved. We brought her to my grandfather, but she did’t like being there. One day after school we brought her to our new home.

The second year

Ozzy didn’t really like being with us because our garden wasn’t  too big and she didn’t have too much space. Then we brought her to my grandparents again! And now she loves being there. She has a little nook above the boiler. When my grandfather goes to put wood on the fire she always runs to her little nook. Now she is quite fat and has long whiskers.

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