Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I can't name it! {Short Story}

by L. Máté, 6th grade

The Starry night 

2018 May 20th’s night two people went to a party. Let’s name one Mario and the other Luigi. When they got there, they saw none of their friends but a LOT of strangers. They were a bit confused so Mario asked Luigi:

-Wait, what is the house number?- Mario asked.

-Mushroom street 16, Why?

-Because we are at the Mushroom ROAD 10…

-Oh sugar. – Luigi said

So they had to go out and search for Mushroom street. After 30 minutes some stranger stopped them.

-Do you want to fly? ()

-If we get to the Mushroom road faster then, YES. –Mario said.

-Did you say Mushroom road? –said the stranger.

-Yes, why? – Luigi asked.

-Because it’s in the Mushroom kingdom. –the stranger said.

Since they were 50 miles away from the Mushroom kingdom they were REALLY confused.

-Are you kidding me? –Mario said.

-No, I’m serious but you still can fly there with those airplane tickets. –The stranger said

-◉_◉… and how much is it?

-It’s free – the stranger said.

-Thank you … Excuse me what’s your name?

-Oh, My name is Toad.

-() What? –Luigi asked

- Yes, my name is Toad. What’s wrong with that?


Toad gave them the tickets and they went to the airport
()ᕗ  ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ -Ten minutes later.

They went up to the plane. The view was really beautiful.

-Luigi. –Mario said.


-I have a question.

-What is it?



-Wait… -Mario said

-What?- Luigi asked

-What’s on the invitation?

-Let me check

                Dear Mario and Luigi
I think you heard about our birthday party but you need an invitation so here it is. We hope you can come.
Place: Mushroom road 10
Time:2018 May 21 6PM
                                                                    Peach and Daisy
-Heck –Mario said.                                        

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