Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Mona Lisa {Short Story}

by: Evi, 6th grade

Mona Lisa was the most popular girl in her school. When the photographer came to her school to have a photo shoot of the students she wanted to look like the best. When she got home she started to shave her eyebrows and to draw them back on for the photo shoot, but after she shaved her eyebrows she realized that the eyebrows pencil had disappeared. She got really angry about this and she thought that if she cut her eyelashes then  they’d  grow faster, but she realized that’s not gonna work because she googled it. Then she was really sad and at the same time both angry and scared. On the day of the photo shoot she was really embarrassed by the way she looked, but a lot of people liked her new look, so she was really happy about that. The photo shoot man really liked Lisa’s style so he put this picture up on Facebook so Lisa become really popular. She was really happy about her mistake.

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