Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Things to Do in 2019 {Goals for the New Year}

by Laky, 5th grade

       Things To-do in         2019

·        Write a blogpost about Subnautica
·        Help my Dad make his gameplay about C64 game „Caren and the Tangled Tentacles”
·        Make better Unity games
·        Make my first game engine with C++
·        Play with my baby sister
·        Make Minecraft Grand Jatte Episode 2
·        Make a SNOW NYAN CAT!!!! :3 (How the hell did I come up with this?)
·        Make a CCAMP, Conductor Cathedral Average Monopoly Robot (If the other guy can use random generator, than why not? :D)
·        Make more Arduino things
·        LEGO buildings
·        Wait till this time next year, make a time machine, then go back in time to this day and tell myself to not to write down this sentence.
·        Stop always singing Haus in Neu Berlin randomly in the streets

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