Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Minecraft Grande Jatte {Short Story}

by Laky, 5th grade

-        Oh, hello little chicken! What an cute chicken, isn’t it, Zombie? - said Steve.

-         Grrgh. -

-        Oh, yeah. You can’t talk. Come here little chick. We’re going to meet my friends! – said Steve joyfully.

They went to meet with Steve’s friends, Alexander and Jens.

-         Hi guys! –

-         Oh, hey! Steve! You got a new chicken? –

-         Uhh, yes, I think. Jens! I heard you work in Mojang. –

-         Oh yeah, and I’ve got exciting news. In 1.14, we’ve got Pandas! – said Jens.

-         Wow! It sounds exciting. Can you give me a snapshot?

-         Uhh… I won’t do it for anyone else, but for you, I’ll make a deal.
If you help me test the Minecraft code, I’ll give you free use of Minecraft.

-         Hmm… That’s sounds exciting. Count me in! – said Steve happily.
-         Ok then. Now, go to the Mojang HQ! – said Jens.

While they walked to the airport, they saw so many weird things, like:
  • -         An villager fishing,
  • -         Two guys just AFKing (Away From Keyboard) with pickaxes,
  • -         Notch and a Creeper hugging,
  • -         and Enderman with an umbrella, and…. what?
Did… did you see that? – said Alexander frightened.

-         Wha… Is… is… is that Her… her… her…

-         Herobrine? It can’t be. We removed him years ag… Oh crap! – said Jens.

-         What is it, Jens?

-         Herobrine… The server is too old! Log off! Log off! Log off! – said Jens scared.

They quickly logged off the server and went to the Mojang server to be Minecraft alphatesters.

       THE END? K

Spoiler alert: It will be continued, and that will be in Episode 2:

  •         Herobrine is back!
  •       Jens dicovers the TRUE next Minecraft version, the 1.66
  •   But before that happens, please have a great T.I.M.E!*

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