Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2K19 New Year Resolution {Goals for the New Year}

by K. Mátyás, 6th grade

                            2K19 New Year Resolution (I’m not copying Dani)

1. Learn to eat with dining knife.
2. Learn to play 25 hours a day.
3. Learn to learn more science.
4. Learn the default things of physics.
5. Learn to be a Semi-Pro builder in Fortnite.
6. To know what Cosinus means.
7. To get better at drawing.
8. Be better in the world of STUPIDITY.
9. To know: How does this happen?       e.g.: int he
10. Learn to not write stupid blogs.   (IMPOSSIBLE)
11. Learn to not listen to Dance Moves Trap Remix for hours.
12. To understand what are the scientist saying about Quantum-Mechanics.
13. To know why am I so interested in Quantum- and Theoretical-physics.
14. To beat DURR BURGER forever.
15. Learn to write more correctly.
16. To be a better student.
17. To not write stupid letters to Santa.
18. To not get attacked by beavers while I’m using the toilet.
19. To know the person who founded 500 dimension for the String Theory.
20. TO DO ALL OF THESE!  And maybe write smaller…

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