Tuesday, November 20, 2018

San Francisco {Travel Post}

by L. Máté, 6th grade

It’s officially the City and County of San Francisco. It’s the 13th most populated city in the United States and the 4th in California. It’s 121.4 squre kilometers, it was the 7th highest-income county in the U.S, with an average income of $110,418. San Francisco was founded on June 29, 1776, when colonists from Spain established Presidio of San Francisco at the Golden Gate and Mission San Francisco de Asís a few miles away, all named for St. Francis of Assisi. The California Gold Rush ($◡$) of 1349 brought a lot of people here. At that time it was the largest city on the West Coast. This city was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and fire, but it was rebuilt. San Francisco is known for it’s cool summer, the Golden Gate Bridge and the cable cars. San Francisco is the headquarter of Dropbox, Reddit and Square Inc.

If you take a trip to San Francisco you should check out the Golden Gate Bridge and the De Young Museum, but I can’t say too much about that because I haven’t been there YET.

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